Media Kit

Dr. Whitfield’s areas of expertise include:

  • Breast Implant Illness (nerve pain, capsular contracture, breast implant illness, brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, hair loss, swollen glands, gut problems)
  • Breast implant problems & related conditions
  • Breast implant removal surgery and revision with fat transfer
  • Approaching explant & revision for women with reconstructed breasts
  • Incorporating functional medicine to better prepare and recover from any kind of surgery; exploring how DNA, hormones, and diet impact surgery recovery
  • “Smart” procedures: reversing signs of aging without surgery through new technologies

Potential topics:

  • About 1 in 12 women in the US have breast implants; actionable advice about what women need to consider if seeking to have their breast implants removed
  • Getting answers for women who have been told there’s nothing wrong; the unusual findings uncovered through PCR testing results of explants
  • What we’re learning about brain fog from the EEGs of our breast implant illness patients
  • Breast-implant associated ALCL
  • The forgotten patient population of breast cancer patients who had reconstruction with implants and are now experiencing breast implant illness
  • Going in front of the FDA; what’s that like?
  • Entrepreneurship in medicine
  • Recovery protocol - Leveraging bioidentical hormone replacement & DNA testing to prepare and recover from surgery

About Dr. Robert Whitfield

Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Whitfield received his medical degree from the University of Las Vegas School of Medicine. This was followed by six years of surgical training, as well as his plastic surgery residency at Indiana University Medical Center. He returned to Nevada for a one year microsurgery fellowship before settling down to practice and teach at the Medical College of Wisconsin for seven years.

  • To date, Dr. Whitfield has helped over nearly 600 women remove their breast implants & consulted with ~1000 to find answers
  • Testified at the FDA in March 2019 regarding two studies he led pertaining to BII or systemic symptoms in breast implants and examining specific genetic markers like the MTHFR gene
  • Led the development of a smartphone app to conduct & communicate with patients in clinical trials
  • Past president of ASERF, the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation, the research arm of The Aesthetic Society (ASAPS); co-chair and founder of the BII Study Task Force
  • Served on plastic surgery faculty at Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Completed ~2000 DIEP flap breast reconstructions
  • Advanced training in plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, microsurgery
  • Thought leader in the area of fat transfer for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

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