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15 Years of Mysterious Illness [Candice Barley’s Breast Implant Illness Story - Part 1]

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Within a few months of her first breast augmentation in 2003, Candice Michele Barley began experiencing chronic fatigue. Although she had young children, this was far beyond the usual new mom exhaustion and her doctor dismissed her concerns.

The first implant rupture occurred two years later while doing yard work. She had both implants replaced and like many women do when they get a new set, she went a little larger. Almost right away, restless leg syndrome began keeping her awake at night.

Two years later while riding a roller coaster at her son’s birthday party, another implant ruptured and sent her back to the operating room for another double replacement. After this surgery, heart palpitations and unusual rashes appeared. Still no one considered these problems could be linked to her breast implants.

In 2011, Candice had her 4th breast surgery, swapping saline for the new silicone gel “gummy bear” implants. This was when things really took a turn for the worse.

In this first episode of our mini-series about breast implant illness with actress Candice Michele Barley, hear how after many difficult years of trying to fix her health on her own and find answers she made the decision to have her breast implants removed.


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