Episode 4

I Never Thought My Implants Were The Problem [Candice Barley’s Breast Implant Illness Story - Part 2]

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After many years of research, detoxing on her own, and testing for anything and everything she could think of, Candice finally realized her chronic illnesses were breast implant-related and decided to explant.

Just the decision to have surgery made her immediately feel better as she set herself on the path to heal. A few weeks after explant surgery, she finally saw her endocrinologist who was surprised by her new lab results, and canceled the upcoming liver biopsy.

The persistent restless leg syndrome she had for 15 years was gone, but other strange (and smelly) things started happening as her body recovered. In this second episode of our mini-series about breast implant illness, hear why Candice has no regrets about this long, strange journey.


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