Episode 5

The Search for a Surgeon Who Would Listen [Candice Barley’s Breast Implant Illness Story - Part 3]


September 1st, 2022

13 mins 35 secs

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While searching for the best surgeon to first believe her and then remove her breast implants, Candice relied on Yelp reviews and Facebook groups and met with numerous surgeons. Most would agree to take her implants out, but dismissed the possibility that her implants were causing her symptoms.

After finding a qualified surgeon who listened to her and understood the importance of removing the entire capsule, she moved forward with a total capsulectomy. Recovery was rough, with an infection caused by drains followed by a fever and a pretty miserable few days.

Contrary to common practice, studies show that the use of drains is associated with a higher rate of infection. Hear more from Dr. Whitfield about why drains are not used except for specific circumstances in this third episode covering Candice’s two-decades long ordeal with breast implant illness and her path to healing.


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