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A journey through Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Whitfield’s deep experience with breast implant illness, from the first shocking discovery through hundreds of unusual cases and surprising clinical breakthroughs. Known as Austin’s natural plastic surgeon, Dr. Whitfield brings you the true stories of actual plastic surgery patients, navigates through their surgical and non-surgical treatment options, then reveals their chosen path forward and the results they achieved. Dr. Rob is a board certified plastic surgeon and Austin’s Natural Choice for plastic surgery, laser and energy treatments, and aesthetics.

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  • Breast Implant Illness: How I Diagnose & Treat SIBO [Bonus 2]

    October 6th, 2022  |  2 mins 27 secs
    bii, breast implant illness, sibo, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

    What is SIBO? Dr. Whitfield explains small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, a common BII symptom, and how he searches for SIBO-related imbalances to ensure patients aren’t going into surgery with anemia.

  • Breast Implant Illness: Why I Rarely Use Drains [Bonus]

    September 29th, 2022  |  5 mins 52 secs
    bii, bii recovery, breast implant illness, breast implant removal, drains, explant

    A quick explanation with the scientific basis for why Dr. Whitfield no longer uses drains, outside of certain circumstances. He shares his alternatives for preventing and avoiding post-op inflammation.

  • Finally Finished With Fat [Candice Barley’s Breast Implant Illness Story - Part 6 ]

    September 22nd, 2022  |  11 mins 10 secs
    alastin, bii recovery, breast implant illness, explant, fat transfer, liposculpture, microneedling, radiofrequency skin tightening

    Candice continues through recovery, shifting her focusing to other aspects of her health such as her passion for fitness. After her failed fat transfer, she finds a new plastic surgeon to fill in misshapen areas with only small amounts of fat.

  • Bumps on the Road to Recovery [Candice Barley's Breast Implant Illness Story - Part 5]

    September 15th, 2022  |  23 mins 35 secs
    estrogen, explant, fat transfer, hashimoto’s, thyroid

    As Candice recovers, her challenges continue. Severe adhesions send her to a doctor for scar release sessions, but incorrect practice of the technique causes the scars to tether back down.

  • My Approach to Healing [Candice Barley’s Breast Implant Illness Story - Part 4]

    September 8th, 2022  |  17 mins 36 secs
    breast implant illness, explant, explant recovery, liver enzymes, muscle atrophy

    Now that the breast implants are finally out, Candice’s focus is on healing and recovery. With the help of a naturopath, her approach to detox includes vitamin shots, herbs, teas, and supplements. She mostly keeps a Mediterranean diet, avoiding processed foods, dairy, and gluten. But it’s the personal sauna she credits with helping the most.

  • The Search for a Surgeon Who Would Listen [Candice Barley’s Breast Implant Illness Story - Part 3]

    September 1st, 2022  |  13 mins 35 secs
    drains, explant, facebook, microsurgery, total capsulectomy, yelp

    While searching for the best surgeon to first believe her and then remove her breast implants, Candice relied on Yelp reviews and Facebook groups and met with numerous surgeons. Most would agree to take her implants out, but dismissed the possibility that her implants were causing her symptoms.

  • I Never Thought My Implants Were The Problem [Candice Barley’s Breast Implant Illness Story - Part 2]

    August 23rd, 2022  |  19 mins 21 secs
    breast implant exchange, breast implant illness, breast implant removal, explant, gummy bear implants

    After many years of research, detoxing on her own, and testing for anything and everything she could think of, Candice finally realized her chronic illnesses were breast implant-related and decided to explant.

  • 15 Years of Mysterious Illness [Candice Barley’s Breast Implant Illness Story - Part 1]

    August 19th, 2022  |  14 mins 54 secs
    breast implant exchange, breast implant illness, breast implant removal, explant, gummy bear implants

    Within a few months of her first breast augmentation in 2003, Candice Michele Barley began experiencing chronic fatigue. Although she had young children, this was far beyond the usual new mom exhaustion and her doctor dismissed her concerns.

  • Breast Implant Illness: Recovery Following Breast Implant Removal [Part 2]

    June 16th, 2022  |  13 mins 7 secs
    ballancer pro, breast implant removal, explant, fat transfer, lymphatic drainage, wells johnson

    In the second half of our two-part series on recovery following breast implant removal surgery, you’ll hear more about how we help patients recover faster from breast implant removal surgery.

  • Breast Implant Illness: Recovery Following Breast Implant Removal [Part 1]

    June 2nd, 2022  |  17 mins 37 secs
    ballancer pro, bii, breast implant illness, breast implant removal, celebrex, methylation, mthfr, neuromodulator, pcr testing

    It’s normal to worry about how you’ll feel waking up after surgery, and if you’re suffering from breast implant illness (BII), you may be even more worried about recovering from those symptoms. Dr. Whitfield goes above and beyond to make the post-op experience as comfortable and painless as possible. He seeks the answers to the difficult questions about what’s causing each individual’s symptoms of BII and continues to care for and follow up with his patients for a full year after explant surgery.

  • Breast Implant Illness: Using Fat to Create Beautiful Breasts After Implant Removal

    April 28th, 2022  |  19 mins 4 secs
    bbl, brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, explant surgery, fat grafting, fat transfer, leptin, mommy makeover

    Whether you’re having your breast implants removed or never had them at all, the volume lost can be replaced with your own fat and beautiful, long-lasting results can be achieved.

  • Breast Implant Illness: Breast Implant Removal Surgery

    April 21st, 2022  |  22 mins 17 secs
    anaplastic large cell lymphoma, breast cancer, breast implant removal, capsulectomy, explant, lymphoma, pathology

    Because there are so many unknowns for women with breast implant illness, Dr. Whitfield’s approach to each and every breast implant removal surgery is as cautious and precise as the treatment of a breast cancer patient.

  • Breast Implant Illness: Your Breast Implant Removal Pre-Op Appointment: What to Expect

    March 10th, 2022  |  7 mins 26 secs
    day of surgery, eras protocol, pain management, recovery

    During the pre-op appointment, you’ll meet with Dr. Whitfield to review the surgical plan, take photos, and discuss medications. Most importantly, Dr. Whitfield will cover the ERAS recovery protocol to set you up for a smooth experience once you’re out of surgery and resting at home.

  • Breast Implant Illness: Preparing for Breast Implant Removal Surgery

    March 3rd, 2022  |  10 mins 35 secs
    bii, breast implant illness, chronic illness, dna testing, estrogen, explant surgery, hashimotos, lyme disease, menopause, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid issues

    Many women suffering from BII have been feeling terrible for a very long time and just want to feel better. Hear how Dr. Whitfield helps prepare patients to bounce back as fast as possible after surgery and rule out other conditions that could be contributing to chronic illness.

  • Breast Implant Illness: The Discovery Session: Our Breast Implant Illness (BII) Consultation

    February 24th, 2022  |  12 mins 16 secs
    anxiety, bii, brain fog, breast implant illness, consultation, depression, discovery session, eeg, gi tract issues, joint pain, muscle pain

    A consultation (or discovery session, as we like to call it) with Dr. Rob is an in-depth exploration of symptoms and potential causes of breast implant illness. The purpose of the discovery session is for women affected by this chronic illness to get much-needed answers.

  • Breast Implant Illness: Are Your Breast Implants Making You Sick?

    December 28th, 2021  |  17 mins
    anxiety, bii, brain fog, breast implant illness, depression, fatigue, healing, implant exchange, insomnia, joint pain, mold, muscle pain, reconstruction, revision

    Women who believe their implants are making them sick report a wide range of symptoms including extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headache, brain fog, hair loss, rashes, dry mouth and eyes, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.